Why Consultation Is Important

The consultation is an important part of your treatment. It is important that you meet with your surgeon and that you feel you can trust him, before deciding to proceed with surgery.

A detailed medical history including your concerns, expectations and aims for surgery, as well as your allergies, previous health problems, and medications is taken. A careful clinical examination and evaluation is then carried out. Please feel free to raise any concerns you may have at this stage.

Clinical photographs are obtained with your consent, as a record of your pre-operative status and as a basis for discussion. You will also be counseled with regard to the best approach and procedure for your requirements. A computerized planning session may or may not be required at this point, with possible review of photographs of recent similar procedures.

At the end of your consultation, you should have a realistic appraisal and a clear idea of which procedure would be best suited for your purposes.

A consultation does not mean that you will proceed automatically to surgery, or that you are committed to having the procedure you sought information about.

For a non obligation consultation with our plastic surgeon please contact us for an appointment.