Neck To Neck


I have relatively good skin with no signs of creasing on my face. My neck however, is a whole different story. I have two very deep lines on my neck and no matter how much skincare, serums or creams I slap on, the deep wrinkles don’t seem to be going anywhere. What treatments do you recommend? – Kota Damansara


There are various options for treating wrinkles in the neck. The first option would be to relax the muscles by introducing some low dose muscle relaxants like Botolinum Toxin A injections. There are also other energy-based treatments like Thermage and high-intensity focused ultrasound which can aid in skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. If the wrinkles and folds are very extreme, surgical procedures may be necessary. Nevertheless, if patients have horizontal folds across the neck, it’s best they start with injections and non-invasive energy-based treatments before deciding on anything too invasive. Should patients present with very fine wrinkles, they may additionally benefit from other energy based therapies such as C02 lasers which have capabilities of dermal tightening as well.