Eyes On The Prize


I am a 30-year old woman who has been thinking about double-eyelid surgery. The thing about my eyes is that one has a prominent crease while the other one doesn’t. Since invasive surgery can be painful and expensive, can I undergo surgery on just that one eye which doesn’t have a crease? – Kerinchi


Yes, it’s definitely possible to have surgery on one eye. However, and by doing this, it may be difficult to have both creases match or look symmetrical. Perfect symmetry is difficult in any case, but if patients undergo this procedure, the advantage is that only one eye is operated on. At the end of the day, it all depends on how much needs to be done and whether or not skin requires excision. Furthermore, surgeons will also have to discern if there’s an underlying crease which needs to be repositioned. Finally, creating an eyelid crease can often be carried out under local anaesthetic, and the discomfort is usually minimal.