Hand Fat Transfer

Hand Fat Grafting is a specialty of Dr. Yap.  Hand fat grafting (fat transfer to the hands) provides balanced hand rejuvenation because when the face looks young, the hands can be the telltale sign that “gives away” one’s aging.

Hand rejuvenation requires a delicate sensibility in balancing the back of the hands, the sides that blend to the thumb and small fingers as well as the knuckles and into the fingers themselves.  Many of his patients prefer to undergo combined face and hand fat transfer to provide the most comprehensive rejuvenation program.

Is Hand Fat Grafting for you?

To schedule a hand fat transfer “grafting” consultation please contact us for an appointment. The details of your hand fat grafting (both the limitations and the benefits in your particular situation) will be explained to you during your hand fat grafting consultation with Dr. Yap.

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