Chin Augmentation

Strong chins have always been considered a sign of beauty. Through chin augmentation, you can achieve these strong chins and improve your overall facial proportions and appearance.

Chin augmentation or mentoplasty are surgical procedures designed to provide a more vibrant and attractive look of distinction. The implants, designed specifically for use in the chin come in wide shapes and sizes. The implants are custom-trimmed by your surgeon for a more natural fit. Chin implants are made from special medical-grade materials that, when positioned and inserted, look and feel like normal bone and so you usually cannot tell the difference.

Is Chin Augmentation for you?

Patients with a receding or weak chin are recommended to go through a chin augmentation surgery. Those with chins that are small relative to the other features on the face are going to benefit from this procedure as well. Chin implants will help proportion your face in relation to the nose and the neck. Your nose can appear smaller and your neck can appear sleeker. Those with rounded faces and necks will also benefit from this implant.

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