Endoscopic Brow Lift

Have you ever been asked if you feel tired, or if you are angry, when in fact you feel great? If so, it might be the case that your brows have drooped over time. The low position can give you that tired or intense, stressed look—a condition called Brow Ptosis. As the brow descends, it creates excess skin on the eyelid, making your eyes look puffy and older.

Forehead or brow lifting is a fantastic procedure that rejuvenates the entire upper third of the face.  Most commonly, Dr Yap performs a minimally invasive technique known as Endoscopic Browlift.  During this procedure, three small incisions are made within the scalp, and two behind the temples.

Through these openings, an illuminated four-millimetre endoscope is used.  The muscles that create the frowning between the eyebrows are lessened and removed and the entire forehead is carefully released, then lifted in its entirety, allowing it to appear more refreshed and in an elevated position. The incisions are all hidden in the hairline and hair is not damaged during the procedure.

Because skin is not removed, fixation is required to hold the forehead in its new desired position during the healing process. Many techniques are used including the absorbable suspension anchors or permanent deep stitches. The access cuts are closed with absorbable sutures with almost invisible closures.


Most patients have very little pain after surgery. Occasionally, some patients may experience some numbness and discomfort around the incision. You can be prescribed medication to relieve the discomfort. There will be some swelling or light bruising that may extend to the cheeks and eyes for a few days. 


If you’re like most brow-lift patients, you’ll be very pleased with your refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. Although it may take several months to see the final results, you’ll probably agree over the subsequent years that your new look was well worth the wait.

How long will it last

This is one of the longest lasting lifts in our practice, usually lasting years for many patients. The actual duration of the lift varies depending on age, genetics and lifestyle. Although ageing will continue, you will always look better than if you did not have the surgical support!

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