If your ears or the ears of your child protrude, or if the ears have become injured or misshapen, otoplasty is a specialised plastic surgery procedure that improves their appearance. For some, the otoplasty procedure needed is a technique often called “ear pinning,” which involves bringing the ear back toward the scalp to a more normal position. For others, the cartilage of the ears must be reshaped. In some cases, both ear pinning and ear reshaping/resizing are required.

Patients seeking otoplasty usually have adequate cartilage that simply has not developed a normal curvature and positioning. The cartilage can be properly curved by surgeons, but some surgeons advocate sharp cutting, which leaves a sharp or straight line. Dr. Yap avoids this by using a gentle, cartilage-curving technique and invisible sutures.

For patients who have previously undergone a prominent ear correction that was unsuccessful, we can usually correct it with the use of our gentle, cartilage-curving technique.

What can otoplasty do for me?

Otoplasty can bring protruding ears closer to the head, reshape injured or misshapen ears, or resize ears that are too large. Note that otoplasty has no effect on hearing.

What can I expect during ear surgery?

Routine ear surgery usually be performed using local anaesthesia and takes about two hours. The incisions are located behind the ear or within the folds of the ear so that the scars are almost impossible to see. If protruding ears are to be placed closer to the scalp, sutures attach the back of the ears to the head. 

How long does it take to recover from otoplasty?

The recovery time is fairly short for this procedure, most patients  can go back to work about seven to nine days after surgery. 

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