Breast Reduction Expat from USA

Love My Headlights.

I was fortunate to be blessed with nice, large, round breast during my youthful years. They were wonderful about 27 years. Then two children and a couple of decades later, father time didn’t bypass me on his travels. During my forties, my lovely, large, round breast transformed into sagging, floppy, beanbags that the best of push up bras could no longer help. Hence having no fear of surgical procedures, I immediately sought consultation with Dr. Yap. We agreed that breast reduction, as well as breast lift would help restore my beanbags back to their youthful shape. On March 22, 2012, I had breast reduction and breast lift surgery. There was little to no after pain and very little post surgery bleeding. The incision was around both of my areoles (nipples) and straight down may breast. I had to wear these large gauze bandages, which needed to be changed every three days for a couple of weeks. This was slightly uncomfortable due to the heat. However, immediately after the surgery I felt much better at the top and felt it easier to sit up straight. I stayed in the hospital 3 nights and four days. I could have gone home after a couple of days; however, being the workaholic that I am, I used the surgery as an excuse for down time.Within two weeks all of the stitches dissolved, and I began wearing my regular bras. It has been over three years now and the scars have nearly faded away. Most importantly, my headlights remain straight forward and burning bright. No regrets. It was well worth the time and money.